Freightzen Logistics


Freightzen Logistics' expertise in airfreight logistics has led to the creation of internal teams dedicated solely to handling the increasing volumes satisfied customers are entrusting to us.

From start-to-finish, we offer a variety of cargo and logistics solutions to fulfil almost any need.  

As an accredited IATA member, we provide quality and high standards through our worldwide network of partners.

Whatever your needs may be, trust in Freightzen for your next airfreight shipment.

We offer a variety of services, not limited to but including:

  • Airport-to-airport solutions to and from Thailand worldwide
  • Varying service level speeds to fit any budget
  • Sea-to-air solutions from Thailand worldwide
  • Worldwide express hand-carry services
  • Customs clearance
  • Local pickup and delivery 
  • Transhippment from air-to-truck
  • Insurance brokerage
  • ...and much more

Air Freight Specialists

Trained Staff

Planning airfreight transportation requires special knowledge of both the capacity of the different types of aircrafts as well as the type of cargo being transported. Freightzen trains our team of experts regularly to ensure a timely and precise response to all customer inquiries. 


Freightzen offers consolidation services for airfreight to and from all main trade centres in the world. Through our partners worldwide, we ensure a flexible and cost-effective solution is available for our customers.


Time flies – especially when you're busy, on a deadline, and under pressure to get a job done. You need someone you has your back. When time is of the essence, count on Freightzen. 



Expect great results as our trained staff are certified and trained in IATA regulated courses. We have built special expertise in handling all types of cargo through years of solving challenging air transport projects for clients worldwide. This expertise also includes courier service in case you need a swift solution.