Freightzen Logistics

Global Network

Strategically located in the heart of Bangkok, Freightzen Logistics offers more than 100 flights connections per day by air, worldwide reach by sea and cross border deliveries to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore.

Although our head office is located in Asia, wherever you’re looking to export or import cargo to and from we have partners located there. This includes locations throughout North America, Europe, north Asia, and Australiasia; we cover it all.






Freightzen Logistics is a proud member of the Global Affinity Alliance (GAA) network. The GAA network is focused on connecting logistics companies around the globe. Members work together to assist one another with becoming more familiar with regulations, market conditions and opportunities in markets around the globe for import & export cargo.

Notably, GAA is affiliatied with the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) and Lognet Associations, the biggest global networks for independent freight forwarders. WCA network has over 6000 members in 180 countries making it a truly global network rivaling the biggest private global logistics companies.  By pooling our combined strengths, we achieve results never before thought possible.


Your Trusted Partner

Freightzen Logistics is the reliable and trustworthy service provider you’ve been searching for. With over two decades experience in the industry and with a customer centric attitude toward all of our services, we aim to be different than the average freight forwarder. Our goal is to become partners with our customers and in doing so we both benefit from growing our businesses together.